Youth Violence and School Shootings: Virginia Tech and Beyond

27 February 2014 (Thursday) 2:30-4pm PH 207
a lecture by Donald J. Shoemaker
Professor, Virginia Polytechnic Instute and State University
Vising Professor, Department of Sociology, UP Diliman

The presentation begins with a description of the shootings on the Virginia Tech campus on the
morning of April 16, 2007. There will be a discussion of what happened, the suspected cause of the incident, and some of the outcomes of the shootings, especially on the Virginia Tech campus and the community of students, professors, staff, and administrators. One result of the shootings was the creation of a “Peace Center“ (the Center for Peace Studies and Violence Prevention). Another result to be discussed is a research project, funded by the National Science Foundation, originally titled, “Crisis, Tragedy, and Recovery”(CTRnet), but now called “Integrated Digital Event Archive and Library “(IDEAL).

The presentation then includes a discussion of school shootings and violence on school property. There will be a brief historical overview of school shootings, particularly in North America, but also in other countries.

There will also be a discussion of the characteristics of school shootings, with a focus on demographic variables, such as the race and gender of school shooters and the location of shooting incidents. Next, there will be a brief discussion of trends in school violence, especially in elementary, middle, and high schools.

The presentation concludes with a discussion of school shootings and
school violence in the Philippine including will be a brief description of a study of violence and conflict among student organizations on the campus of the University of the Philippines Diliman.

Photo by Amy Sancetta/AP

Photo by Amy Sancetta/AP

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