2014 National Conference


The 2014 National Conference of the Philippine Sociological Society

“Crises, Resiliency and Community: Sociology in the Age of Disasters”

16-18 October 2014, Mindanao State University-General Santos City

This conference brings together scholars engaged in sociological research on disasters, collectively experienced crises and suffering, and resiliency among Philippine communities.

The aftermath of Typhoon Yolanda has raised important questions about patterns of human behavior in times of distress—from “looting” by disaster survivors to acts of solidarity among displaced communities, and other communities in the Philippines and abroad. This conference aims to take stock of sociological knowledge that can shed light on contentious social issues and provide avenues for meaningful discussion among sociologists.

Paper presentations may be theoretical, methodological or empirical. Critical reflections are also welcome, such as papers problematizing the concepts of risk and disasters as well as the prospects and challenges of teaching sociology in a crisis-stricken society.

Suggested panel themes for conference panels:

  • Changing perceptions of disasters
  • Disasters and the environment
  • Disaster vulnerability and/or preparedness
  • Urban/rural planning and disaster
  • Disaster prevention and mitigation
  • Resiliency, solidarity, and community during crises
  • Discourses of disasters and the articulation of hope
  • Narratives of loss, survival, and resiliency
  • State actors, NGO initiatives, and/or community disaster response and mitigation
  • Social dimensions of humanitarian aid
  • Volunteerism in times of disasters and crises
  • Civil society and community: response to disaster
  • Religious responses to disaster
  • Governing a world risk society
  • Children & youth in times of crises and disasters
  • Disasters, class, and/or ethnicity
  • The anomie of disaster: violence and control
  • Communication, technology, and disasters
  • Recovery and rebuilding from devastation
  • Methods/methodologies in disaster studies
  • Social theories and disasters

Papers for parallel sessions that do not directly relate to the conference theme but present ongoing and emergent trends in Philippine sociology are also welcome.


Abstract submissions must be received on or before 30 July 2014. Send to philippinesociology@gmail.com. For further announcements visit philippinesociology.com

2014 PSS Conference